An inspiring team.

The members who participate in Conexión de Negocios Latinos are hardworking people who inspire others like them to be part of this networking, each one has a story in which they have managed to overcome adversity and seek to grow even more. 

Meet our Staff

Irma Chavez, born in El Salvador, moved to Los Angeles, California at the age of 18 and her first job was as a nanny and housekeeper, with great pride. He subsequently worked in a restaurant for many years.

13 years ago she was presented with the opportunity to move to Northwest Arkansas, where she works for a chiropractic clinic and also for Arkansas United @ARimmigrants as director of operations helping the community through advocacy.

Irma has lived in the United States for nearly 28 years, where she has achieved many successes, including her biggest achievement, Conexión de Negocios Latinos @CNLatinos, which was founded in 2016 as a networking group providing support to Latino entrepreneurs.

Today is our founder and CEO!

Mafe is originally from Mexico and finished her high school studies there. He then lived in the city of Chicago for 12 years. In 2010 he moved to Arkansas.
Mafe has worked in restaurants as a waitress, a supermarket cashier and taking care of the elderly. Each of these jobs has been 100% professional and always the best!
For 3 years she was a volunteer at Conexión de Negocios Latinos.

In October of last year, thanks to his dedication and effort, he obtained the position of CNL assistant. Mafe is a person who is always willing to listen to the needs of others and help those who need it.

Frequent questions

what is your mission?

It is to educate, promote and support the businesses of the Latino community of Arkansas.

How can networking help my business?

Networking is an excellent tactic and the most recommended when you have just started a business, since it helps you start a network, or if you already have an established business, it can help you find new opportunities.

How can I be part of Conexion de Negocios Latinos?

Too easy! 

Send us a message with your business information to our Facebook page and we will contact you.

If you have any question, contact us