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Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce

We are the trusted source to grow business in our region

The Rogers & Lowell Chamber of Commerce is an organization that promotes economic growth.

trusted source

We are the trusted source for growing businesses in our region, activating high-impact leaders, and building a strong, diverse community.

Nonprofit organization

A non-profit organization that connects different organizations to help create an attractive ecosystem where people want to visit or live; We do this through partnerships between companies and organizations such as schools and universities.



In the Chamber, we think big. We have fun and work hard to achieve our vision of being an integral part of building world-class businesses that are welcoming communities for all people.


Our leadership skills help shape economic development centers across the country through shared experiences among members, who also collaborate on innovation initiatives.

Who do we help?

From startups just starting out to Fortune 500 companies looking to grow even bigger; the chamber has resources available at their fingertips so that everyone can thrive together as a unit”


We put passion into what matters most because when everyone comes together with shared goals, success happens faster than ever imagined.

Catalysts of change.

We forge new paths by creating alliances that regularly bring together the region's leaders to improve communications and strengthen relationships to inspire responsible growth and development


We are catalysts who create opportunities based on our understanding of how people want their communities, regions or countries to change: we do so with optimism by communicating simply so that others understand us; influencing the facts while remaining trustworthy, as accuracy is a core value among everything we offer

Solution Builders

We bring together the best minds from all walks of life to find solutions that benefit our community. We are known as solution makers, influencers, and catalysts for change at this non-profit organization.