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Conexión de Negocios Latinos

As Latinos, we understand the barriers we face in the United States. The Latino community is one of the fastest growing, but is often overlooked. We encounter high illiteracy rates, language barriers and limited opportunities to connect with traditional sources of business financing and technical assistance providers.

These difficulties prevent us from reaching our full potential and building lasting success. That is why Conexión de Negocios Latinos (CNL) was born. We are committed to closing these gaps and empowering Latino entrepreneurs like us. We build strong networks, educate on best business practices and foster the growth of Latino businesses in Arkansas and the surrounding areas.

Conexión de Negocios Latinos


To provide leadership and networking opportunities while supporting businesses to succeed through resources, information and education, while promoting the rich and diverse Latino culture.


Transforming the business landscape for Latino entrepreneurs and business owners in Arkansas. We envision a future where Latino entrepreneurs are recognized and respected leaders in their fields, where strong relationships between Latino businesses and other entities drive innovation and economic growth.

Our Values


We help you and your business by developing a strong and diverse network of entrepreneurs and offer promotion within the community.


We help educate entrepreneurs by providing workshops and personalized assistance tailored to the needs of each business.


We help promote and present Latino businesses on social media, networking events, live videos, monthly meetings, newsletters and magazines, and more.


We strive to build bridges between Latino entrepreneurs, businesses and key resources. Each connection strengthens our community, fostering growth, collaboration and business success.

Meet the Team

Conexión de Negocios Latinos is comprised of a diverse and committed team of leaders, visionaries and passionate advocates for the Latino community. We are proud of our past, excited about our present and committed to our future.


Irma Chávez

Irma Chavez

Founder and CEO

Melissa Velazquez

Melissa Velazquez

Business Consultant

Board of Directors


Eddie Ramos


Bank Yes


Sandra Carrasco


Forge/ Bites & Bowls

Janneth Mota

Janneth Mota



George Ramirez

George Ramirez


HEXA Insurance

Patsy Vega

Patsy Vega


RetailActiv Doterra

CNL Ambassadors

We recognize that our success is largely due to the invaluable support and commitment of our Ambassadors. These passionate and visionary community leaders are exceptional ambassadors of our mission and values.

Conexión de Negocios Latinos

Little Rock

Rosa Perez
Centennial Bank
Betsy Zavala
Arvest Bank
Laura Martinez
D’Ivan Photo & Video
Gloria Bastidas
Arkansas State Department of Health
Autumn Aguirre
Dave Creek Media
Conexión de Negocios Latinos


Maria Garcia
Century 21 Sandstone Real Estate Group
Ana Gwatney
Greenbrier Public School System & Pinturas Helguera LLC, Art by Isaac, The Gallery
Daniel A. Ramos
New Life Church
Isaac Helguera
Artist & Entrepreneur

Join us on this journey to success and the realization of dreams.
Together, we forge a better tomorrow for all.

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